Nation Of One

The Next Great Age of Man Is Here


What would you do with immense physical power? What should you do? Join Jeff Hopewell as he explores the opportunities and responsibilities created by an extraordinary discovery. Keep up as he demonstrates and explains why his new technology works and how he accomplishes presently impossible actions. Follow the chase as both physicists and the military pursue him across the country. How do you instill visceral terror and utter joy on a planetary scale? Normalcy and madness coexist in gut-wrenching conflict as he goes further and further with his world changing efforts. Lots of action and adventure are the result.


Nation Of One is a great escapist, lazy day on the beach kind of novel. The book also reveals two surprises; see if you can find them.


383 pages                                                                                         121,395 words

The ultimate feel good about the future story.

-D. Huet


Incredibly imaginative...

- C. Rocchio

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